Action Lakorn/No EngSubs Thriller

Fon Tok Kee Moo Lai Kon Arai Maa Pop Gan (2000)

Prisoners Tim and Puerk create a riot and escape, taking with them seven million Baht from the prison’s treasury. One of the best detectives, Police Captain Pae, nicknamed Peter Pan, is irked to find out that Police Major Petchara is assigned team leader of the case, instead of him. 
Tim and Puerk don’t get to enjoy their loot for long, as a fellow prisoner, Bomb Bangkruay, who was the getaway driver, steals all of the money and goes to hangout with two prostitute sisters, Kook and Kai. However, things get complicated when Puerk and Kook fall for each other, while the cops are in pursuit.

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