1. Ifxahmad says:

    Oh My god your rants are all so funny and relatable. I craked up because of you ???? .

    Btw, Im still not over abt the directors and scriptwriters didnt even bother to make Tohmon feel guilty till the rests of the drama. He never once said SORRY to her,
    because he had caused her to separate with her mom. Tawan didnt even get to be with her mom when she needed her the most adn it is all because of f*cking Tohmon.
    Tohmon also never said sorry for tormenting her physical and mental well being (brought her to the rape scene, despises her, and even said multiple words that hurt her).
    I dont even care anymore if Tawan wish to run away in the last episode. But yeah, the directors just had to make Tawan seems like someone who is “kind” with
    “fairy-like heart” and doesnt deserve to feel hurt so she forgives everything that easy. I really wish they had made her run away, and Tohmon would reflect
    and tried to search her for his life until he totally lost it. The next thing is, he would cry heels over her but no it doesnt happen. I lowkey believe all of the people
    behind this drama is misogynist af. Tohmon deserves my kick and everyone else’s too. I really hate the fact that HE NEVER ONCE SINCERELY SAID SORRY.
    ugh freaking Tohmon!

    I also really pity Khun So, she definitely had done sins for killing the nurse and hurt Tawan, but Ai-Baat definitely deserves his karma and I hope whatever happens to Khun So
    in the future, it is only because she had to pay the karma for the nurse’s death, not because of her hurting Ai-Baat. I also wish she doesn’t become that selfish when she’s
    being jailed, but no. Again,, the directors had to make her character looks like a total loser and still crying for Tohmon’s love (as if all the world revolves around Tohmon).
    With the script “we should have lived happily together, but Tawan destroys everything” . I mean, they definitely hate women empowerment cause as far as I remember
    Tawan supported Khun So very much hence I wish they could have made so realised that Tawan is a kind-hearted soul and Khun So will unite with Tawan and becomes
    bestfriends. BUT AGAIN NO!! THEY JUST HAD TO MAKE THEM BECOMES ENEMY TILL THE END. what the actual fish


    I think that’s all my rant. I’m so done. I’m sorry If I curse too much ????????

  2. thank you so much. I really needed that! I feel so validated now that I realize I’m not the only one who was completely appalled . I laughed out loud even though your captions are all very serious, the guy’s attitude was infuriating. I hope everyone watching could see how unfairly she was treated and maybe use that lesson in real life
    Anyhow thanks for the laugh and the vent When it comes to abuse, silence kills. You are AWESOME to speak out!. I look forward to your next RANT.

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