Drama Genre Trope - Marriage Historical Lakorn/Completed Romance

Dung Duang Haruetai (1996) / As One’s Heart

Subbed by NewCurvey

1996 Nat and Noom ~ 2007 Weir and Kwan ~ 2020 Tik and Kim

Three neighboring kingdoms share a common border where all three meet, called the Tripoint. Mountainous Kasik, in the north, is the wealthiest and most powerful but lacks a sea route, which is only accessible through Dantha to the south. Accordingly, King Rangsimun of Kasik arranges to marry Princess Maneesala of Dantha, in order to ally the two kingdoms and secure trade routes to the sea , thus consolidating Kasik’s dominance.

Though brilliant, it was known that the King of Kasik, a savage warrior nicknamed “The Scary Storm” was extremely temperamental and brutal. So while at the Tripoint waiting to be escorted into Kasik, his reluctant betrothed, Princess Maneesala, decided to flee and sought refuge in Bandurath, where the honorable Crown Prince of Bandurath took her into his protection. Crown Prince Dayuttithorn hapenned to be at the Tripoint observing the activity from his side of the border, where Bandurath is now in the middle, and not just geographically speaking.

Upon hearing the news, Princess Tassika of Bandurath, set out to visit the Tripoint to defuse tensions, as her brother has now placed the stable Bandurath in a perilous position with both Kasik and Dantha. Meanwhile, the profoundly insulted and offended King of Kasik, learning the princess of Bandurath is coming to the border, quickly plotted revenge, sneaked into Bandurath, abducted Tassika, and proclaimed she will be paying a royal visit to Kasik. Winter was approaching, the mountain passes to Kasik would soon be blocked and the Princess of Bandurath was trapped there alone, surrounded by her enemies.

All three states now had to plan their strategies out of this predicament. There are those who want war and those who prefer a diplomatic road to peace. However in the midst of this political crisis, love quietly blossoms. While honor and dignity, pride and prejudice, profit and politics, power struggles and dominance, all play significant roles in that world, it would seem Tassika of Bandurath is the only one who could bring peace to the region. (Souce: MyDramaList)

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