Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (2019) / 梦回


A story that follows an architect Xiao Wei from 21st century who gets lost in the Forbidden City . She finds a lantern from Qing dynasty there which she places in her apartment. Three hundred years in the past, the thirteenth prince of Qing dynasty finds himself dreaming of going into the future where he meets Xiao Wei and falls in love with her. After time traveling to the Qing Dynasty to meet the 13th prince, both Xiao Wei and thirteenth prince meet each other in the palace but they have lost memories of each other. In an effort to find the person she fell in love with, she meets the warmhearted 13th prince, the 14th prince, the 4th prince, the stately Emperor Kang Xi and becomes embroiled in the political turmoils within the palace. Which path to choose becomes a difficult choice that she must make over and over again. (Source: ChineseDrama.info)

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