Diamond Eyes 2 (2019)

The story takes place when Petch (Captain Diamond – Chakrit Yamnarm) is assassinated by a multinational mafia under the name The Sun. Without the leader and the secret files of The Sun that Captain Diamond is still not found. Causing the DEI (Diamond Eye Institute) staff to be dark and then, Maj . Gen. Daniel Sato (Brook Donnuporn), a special international special police unit to become the commander of a new unit. A mysterious man who, in addition to having special eyes, doesn’t just see spirits but he is also able to see the imminent death of those to be murdered. He is determined to solve the case of the death of Captain Diamond, protect Emilio (Benz Nattida), and Doctor Koi (Kikkorn Kamon), daughter and lover of Captain Diamond, respectively. He also wants to solve the mystery of the death of his son and wife that happened many years ago.

Will the operation showcasing the face of Maj, the Mafia gang member Pol, Daniel and the DEI team this time will be successful? 

Credit – MGRonline

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