Drama Lakorn/Completed Romance

Dao Lhong Fah (2005) / The Lost Star


Dao Lhong Fah versions: 2005 ~ 2019

Wan is a spoiled young girl from a rich family with a grandmother, mother and two aunts. She never received love or care from her father since she was young and her mother always told her that her father was a bad man who left her mother to be with another wife. Wan has always disliked her father. Dom is the grandson of the eldest lady who is a maid in the house and they are respected by Wan’s family because they have been there for a very long time. Wan and Dom grew up together and she loves to trick and tease him. However he seems to always tease her back, as both are strong headed towards each other. Once Wan graduated she entered the entertainment industry as her mother pleased and became a popular actress. She started to meet various men and was forced to spend some time with her father and stepmother. (source: MyDramaList)

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3 years ago

Hi admin, can i request for this lakorn to be reupload. Thank u in advance to all admin

Staci Manning-Davie
Staci Manning-Davie
3 years ago

I would love to see this lakorn

Bea Reg
Bea Reg
2 years ago

Aum in 1985! I would love to see this lakorn subbed… please and thank you

bea reg
1 year ago

Thank You very very very much, Admin.

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