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Cringy Mingy Pores (Review of ‘Prai Pikaat)

Well, firstly I wasn’t that excited when I saw the initial trailer of ‘Prai Pikaat’ on the Ch7 new year promo. Because I don’t really like the leads of this lakorn (so sorry lol). They are just a piece of wood sitting in the fireplace. The reason why I give it a try because I saw the name Phanomtien. He is a novelist who had wrote a lot of good novels and most of the adaptations are really good such as Mussaya (subbed by Neko), Sakao Duen (subbed by Thippy), and Lep Krut (subbed by MUSE). I couldn’t believe that this lakorn is an adaptation from the same title. It was adapted to a movie version beforehand.

The chart credit to Neko Meow Meow ^^

          And to my surprise, it is a continuation from a lakorn named Nak Soo Maha Gaan aired under BBTV CH7 before and starred P’ Weir. Maybe it is an indirect one because I can’t really locate major similarities between both of these lakorns, except for the invisible killers and Prai Dam.

          Well, to my surprise I am kinda impressed with the second leads instead. The playful thief Pran Jonput and Sonsin the IT geek is the person who made me feel giddy when I saw them onscreen. Grace acting as Jasmin Soong is a true badass and I like her action scenes on the lakorn. Her fighting scenes are nice to watch and her chemistry with Sonsin and Pran Jonput are die to watch.

          This lakorn had a huge blow out where I feel most of the parts are choppy (because of the editing I guess?). Another one is I suffered watching a sudden random love between leading man and leading woman. Like the chemistry just 0% and I can’t fin watching their sweet scenes. It feels like a younger guy kissing a noona. And most of the scenes are filled up with loopholes and we got a lot of unanswered questions. I was baffled with Jasmin Soong as she can change to a badass to a kind person halfway of the lakorn. Like, DUH SERIOUSLY? Your actions most of the time left me with suspicious thoughts and I just feel that she might be using Sonsin to control Pran Jonput.

          I feel that the cops are USELESS in this drama. How the hell that Sonsin and Pran Jonput are more advanced and critical in thinking than that Inspector Chernwut. I just can’t brain how they managed the crisis and the bad guys power are better than them. Son as the researcher’s daughter is such a waste and her character is floating throughout the lakorn.

          And the ending scenes just ended up abruptly. They made the leading man wearing the same shade as the car because for product placement? And that coat is recycled from his recent lakorn as well. The finale is a total mess and I feel angry because they just messed up another good novel with this kind of script and acting.

There are a lot I want to say but I just keep it with me. Anyway, just feel free to watch it and thank you to Neko Meow Meow ^^ for subbing this lakorn. I will keep Pran Jonput with me in my heart.


  1. Robin says:

    what show is this

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Praai Pikart- subbed by Neko 🙂

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