Club Friday The Series Love Seasons Celebration: The Last Happy New Year (2022)


Club Friday Love Seasons: Unhappy Birthday ~ It Happens on Valentine’s Day ~ Broken Anniversary ~ The Last Happy New Year

“New Year’s Day is the beginning of new things. Some relationships start on this day, while some have to see it end.”

Although this world is full of toxic love, good and healing love still exists. As soon as a clock shows 00:00 on January 1st, someone smiles and whispers “Happy New Year” to their lover with the hope of walking together. Another person whispers the same thing to the one who no longer has a chance to hear it. One couple uses love and goodness as a life compass, even when they face difficulty. Another couple wants to have fun and put their good life on the line. Stay tuned for the stories of two couples with different attitudes towards love and goodness (Source: Viu)

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