Buang Sabai

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People are often born with different fates. Like Putjeep, the daughter of Khun Luang Date who has everything her heart desires and was raised with love given by her mom and dad. Different from Kaew, a child born to a slave wife, that Khun Luang refuses to acknowledge. Kaew never forgot the image of Mae Im, her mom being whipped to death by her dad for something that she didn’t do. The slave daughter carries vengeance in her heart. One day, everything will become hers. Putjeep ends up taking a lowly slave Nai Ming as a lover, and Luang Thep, the adopted son, who just came back from studying overseas, takes Kaew as a wife. Khun Luang found out and refused to accept his daughter and adopted son having slaves as their lovers. This led to a tragic death in the house. Putjeep blamed herself as the reason for this tragedy. She committed suicide by hanging herself with her Sabai (Cloth) under the Magnolia tree. Her spirit would become trapped and await with vegeance to clear her feuds. (Source: Spicyforum.net)


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