Ban Rai Sai Samorn (2021)

Channel 7 (Raw)

Mai Tawan, daughter of Chalit and Suree, has a boyfriend, Akara, a playboy, pretending to be rich. One day, Chalit learned that Suree was not Mai Tawan’s biological mother and Mai Tawan was the daughter of Pranee, his ex-wife. Before the truth was revealed, Suree was chased by creditors due to debt, causing Chalit to have an accident and die without telling Mai Tawan the truth about her biological mother. After that accident Suree disappeared, so the creditors go after Mai Tawan for Suree’s debt. Mai Tawan was able to escaped and fled back to Sai Thong. Here she meets the chief of police. Since then, his life has been completely turned upside down. Many funny situations are mixed with Mai Tawan’s journey and her identity. (Source: CatAttack)

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8 months ago

who is subbing this drama?