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Monggut Dok Ya (2020) / Crowns of Grass

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Teaser (Raw)

A car accident caused the death of Praew’s second older sister, who was on her way back to they city to become a doctor. Purich, the driver of the luxurious car was not investigated or charged. This make Praew felt so angry. Payu, Purich’s brother, felt guilty and was willing to help Praew and her family by not telling her his identity. Praew refused and insisted to use legal accordingly. This loss made her older sisters’ life completely changed. Pangkwan, Praew’s older sister lost her job at her hometown, and went to the city to be a singer at – Siang-can-dan-e-san- pub. There, she met Dandin, her ex-boyfriend who was still angry at her since the past. Meanwhile, Praew had to study and did part time job to earn money. Still, she continually to investigated the case and wanted to revenge for her sister, while Payu wanted to support her. Both felt in love little by little, until Praew realized that Payu truly was the brother of Purich, the driver who had caused the accident. (Source: LakornGalaxy)

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