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Bow and Pong were once in a relationship, but Pong is now marrying Nee who is baring his child. Tos is a grape plantation owner and only family of Nee, he would do anything for his sister’s happiness. One night Bow is dead drunk and hurting from Pong and Nee’s marriage; she falls victim of sexual abuse but by change Tos saves her. It it not until later when he learns of her identity, and he starts fearing she will become a threat to his sister’s happiness, as Bow and Pong still harbor feelings for each other.

Tos then elaborates a plan to make Bow his wife, and force her to live with him on his plantation. He anticipates the cruelest revenge for her; to make her life a living hell. But what Tos doesn’t know is that fate has something else in store for them. (Source: JADEEYES@The Dramatards)

Episode: EP01 EP02 EP03 EP04 EP05 EP06 EP07

EP08 EP09 EP10 EP11 EP12 EP13 EP14 EP15 EP16



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